Optical Fiber

Specially Processed Optical Fibers

TEC Fiber

Thermally-diffused Expanded Core Fiber

TEC fiber technology thermally expands the mode field diameter at the end of an optical fiber.
This is available for commercial SI-SMF.
The mode field diameter doubles or triples at the end of a fiber, changing the refractive index profile and decreasing the numerical aperture.
The wider tolerance for axial and gap displacement reduces coupling loss.
The smaller variation in the clad diameter enables insertion into a ferrule and installation of a connector.

TEC Fiber

How to process

TEC Fiber and Taper Fiber are made by precisely heating a single mode optical fiber.

(1) Remove the UV coat only by 22 mm in the middle part of the optical fiber.

bare fiber

(2) When bare fibers are heated, cores doped with Ge etc. thermally diffuse.

thermally diffuse.

(3) Cleave in the center.Attach ferrules and connectors as necessary.

※Although it is possible to change the cleavage position or to use it without cleaving, MFD measurement is not possible.


MFD Conversion Fiber

Mode Field Diameter Conversion Fiber

Coupling optical fibers with different mode field diameters inevitably leads to an MFD mismatch loss.
Our thermal diffusion technology, however, can minimize the loss resulting from coupling.
This is available for commercial SIS-MF.
The fusion-spliced ends are recoated or covered with a protection sleeve for protection.
This technology can be applied to a certain type of PMF and MMF as well as SMF.

image of mode field conversion

Typical Application
・Splice with optical waveguide
・Optical devices, measuring instruments, etc.

We can provide various types of fibers to suit your needs:
short, long, with a connector, and also special fibers and ones with a modified connector, etc.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Example of typical MFD conversion fiber

Tapered Fiber

Optical Nano Fiber / Micro Fiber

In recent years, universities and research institutions have been actively engaging in research and development to utilize nano-optical fibers in sensing applications.
We have accumulated know-how about simulations and the processing of optical fibers, which allows us to provide nano-optical fibers with very little loss.
We can fabricate nano- to micro-scale optical fibers to meet a variety of needs, for example, by prioritizing shape over loss.。
This technology can be applied to PMF and MMF as well as to commercially available SMF.

Example of tapered optical nano Fiber

Chemically etched Fiber

Chemically-etched Optical Micro Fiber

The most popular type of optical fiber for optical communication has a clad of 125 µm diameter (outer diameter).
Optical fibers can be aligned in a multi-core fashion when installed as optical parts.
The demand for fiber densification continues to increase.With our fiber etching technology, all you have to do to utilize fiber pitches of 0.25 mm or less is to decrease the clad diameter (outside diameter) of the optical fibers.
For instance, fibers with a large diameter can be etched to make it possible to insert them into a typical Ø125 µm ferrule. In combination with expanded core (TEC Fiber) and tapered optical fiber technologies, our fiber etching technology offers you more options in processing optical fibers.

Example of chemically etched Fiber